Free Printing for Charities and Community Groups

The GivingPrint Fund offers registered charities, community groups, and CICs free printing services for promotional materials like flyers, posters, and display boards.

Charities can request these services by applying through the GivingPrint General Fund or by being named as a chosen charity by companies placing orders with Wiltshire Print Group or Footfall Direct.

GivingPrint isn’t just another service—it’s Wiltshire Print Group and Footfall Direct’s way of saying “thank you” and giving back to those who make our work meaningful. It’s a heartfelt initiative designed to support charities and community organisations by offering them what we do best: high-quality digital printing, absolutely free.

“We want to say a massive thank you to Wiltshire Print Group for our wonderful new volunteering leaflets, kindly gifted to us through their #GivingPrint scheme! 🤩
Jenna Lloyd
Founder, Alderbury Clothing Exchange

Apply for your free printing

Charities, community groups, and CICs can get free printing by applying to the GivingPrint General Fund or by encouraging their supporters to nominate their Private Fund when placing orders with Wiltshire Print Group or Footfall Direct.

Apply to the General Fund

We understand you are busy, so we’ve made the application process super simple.
Just fill out the application form, and we will be in touch to fully understand your requirements and to finalise your application for you.

Nominate to a Private Fund

Nominating your charity when you place an order is quick and straightforward. Simply complete our nomination form to select your preferred charity. If you have not placed an order but want to nominate a charity then please fill out the Quote Request section of the nomination form and we will do the rest.
“Thank you to Wiltshire Print for asking Larkrise Community Farm to be a part of their #GivingPrint scheme. Our new leaflets look fantastic! The colours really stands out and the quality is exceptional. Thank you for getting these ready so quickly and answering all our questions!”
Lucy Allen
Asset Manager, Larkrise Community Farm

Get Even More Printing

Help us spread the word about the GivingPrint scheme to your supporters.

By encouraging them to nominate your charity when they place printing orders with Wiltshire Print Group or Footfall Direct, you can receive free printing credits directly into your account.

This is a win-win situation: your charity gets free printing for essential promotional materials, and we gain more business, allowing us to continue supporting worthy causes like yours.

The GivingPrint General Fund Helps New Charities Every Month

Here are just a few we have helped so far in 2024
“Massive thank you to Wiltshire Print for supplying our lovely new ‘Sponsor An Adventure’ letters. They were really well received at the National outdoor Expo and we hope that the letter from Ben, one of our ex-participants will encourage lots of other people to make a small monthly donation to ‘Sponsor An Adventure'”
Louise Balaam
Director of Fundraising and Engagement – Youth Adventure Trust
Youth Adventure trust Logo

Who runs GivingPrint?

The Scheme is run by Footfall Direct Limited. Although you may not have heard of the name, you have probably heard of our two main brands
FootFall Print
Hospitality printing service with nationwide same-day printing and next-day delivery on most of our products.
Wiltshire Print Group
Our combined experience and size allow us to offer an advice-focused and bespoke print partner to local businesses in Wiltshire and surrounding counties

GivingPrint FAQ

How can I request free printing?

There are two ways to request free printing.  You can either apply for a donation from the GivingPrint General Fund using the form on our website or ask companies to nominate you as their chosen charity when they place orders with Wiltshire Print Group or Footfall Direct.

How much free printing can charities request?

Each month we allocate a budget for the GivingPrint General Fund and distribute it to as many organisations as possible. The maximum donation size depends on the number and size of the applications, but we often give up to £150 to each successful charity.

If you are nominated as the chosen charity on an order, the money goes directly into your Private GivingPrint Account. Therefore, there is no need to apply to the General Fund, as you can use your balance whenever you need printing.

Can I apply for more than £150?

You can apply for any size of printing.  If we cannot donate the whole amount we will reduce the cost by the size of our donation and discount the remaining part to ensure you get maximum value for the minimum possible cost.  There is no commitment to proceed with any orders by applying for Funding.

How do you fund GivingPrint?

Most companies will take a percentage of each sale and assign it to a marketing budget and spend it with the likes of Google or Facebook.  We prefer to spend that money helping local charities and get noticed for that rather than helping the shareholders of massive multinational companies!

When a customer makes a printing purchase over £150 through Wiltshire Print Group or Footfall Direct, we ask them to name a charity they would like us to support. Contributions from orders that do not specify a charity are included in the  GivingPrint General Fund for the following month.

Can I apply more than once?

Yes.  However, priority is given to charities that have not yet benefited from GivingPrint.

How do companies nominate us as their preferred charity?

We will email a link to all companies placing orders over £150 or a nomination can be made using this form.  They can nominate you for this order only or all future orders. 

Can we promote this scheme to our supporters?

Yes, and tell them to nominate you as their chosen charity.  That way, the money will go straight into your funding pot, and you won’t need to apply for funding from the GivingPrint General Fund.

What are the criteria to be successful for funding?

We base our selection on the following three criteria:-

  • Size of Charity. We try to prioritise small—to medium-sized charities with a single location.  We recognise that donations can make a big difference to these organisations as they often find it difficult or time-consuming to apply for funding elsewhere.
  • The number of people who will benefit.
  • We try to help charities promote events or flyers and posters to promote their services rather than printing that will be used for internal purposes.

What happens if I am not successful?

This is a popular scheme, and we cannot support everyone who applies.  If you are unsuccessful, we will give you a quote that includes a charity discount.

Do you support any charity?

We try to.  However please note that we do not support printing material for the direct promotion of religion or politics.

Still have more questions?